Convenient in-person bill payment...
in the checkout lane

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PayScan® technology is a patented payment solution that makes in-person bill payment a natural part of consumer sales. This technology transforms a familiar point-of-sale station into a payment location for barcoded bill payments. No new hardware is used – standard point-of-sale components can already handle the patented PayScan barcodes, which can utilize a variety of traditional and 2D barcode formats. The result? Consumers can now pay their household bills at convenient retail locations – as easily as buying a book of stamps.

With the PayScan® approach, the walk-in payment methods of yesterday are obsolete – no more service counters, manual data entry, error-prone transactions, document retention, long lines, and complicated paper forms. Just scan the bill, pay the desired amount, get a receipt. What could be simpler?

PayScan® technology is revolutionary. For the first time, bill payments can be made as part of a normal retail transaction at a POS station.

  • Billers want it – to save costs, improve cash flow, and give customers their choice of convenient payment locations and payment methods.
  • Consumers want it – because, finally, bills can be paid as normal shopping errands, without checkbooks, home computers, or special trips.
  • The point of payment is enhanced – generating a high-margin revenue stream, driven by the nearly 20 billion annual U.S. bills. Existing in-lane scanners and sales practices avoid checkout delays, inventory, new equipment, or additional labor.

Get ready for the most convenient payment service ever offered...soon available in checkout lanes at familiar locations in your neighborhood.

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